I guess I haven’t been paying enough attention to Brian Austin Green’s post-Megan Fox love life because I had no idea there was a hot tub video of him and Courtney Stodden that her friend shared… or something. The details about how this went public aren’t important. The point here is that he’s hanging out with people who are leaking details – with video! – of his private life. Is he really sore about that though? Or does he like this kind of gossip delivery service? (Dlisted) 


Here’s a heartbreaking reminder about why it’s some f-cksh-t that some people aren’t taking COVID-19 in the US seriously by not wearing masks, by partying, by not adhering to the guidelines. People are at risk. They are very, very sick. It is not “harmless”. Right now, infections are rising in young adults. So this is not just about the elderly.  And even though you may not know someone in your immediate circle who’s hurting, that doesn’t mean people aren’t hurting. Nicole Edry and her family are hurting. Please read this essay, protect the frontline workers and the vulnerable, because if this goes on, the consequences will be even more devastating than they already are. (Pajiba) 

“Punk as f-ck” Ryan Adams is apologising. He did it publicly before he did it privately, as Mandy Moore revealed today that she hasn’t heard from him, which is why she’s doubting his sincerity. Interesting that he published his apology at… the Daily Mail?! That’s quite a choice. Is it because there were no other takers? (Cele|bitchy) 

First of all, this is a hilarious Titanic story. Second, yes, James Cameron attended the premiere with his then-partner Linda Hamilton and the woman with whom he would have an affair, Suzy Amis. Yes, I agree that Victor Garber is ageless. And I did not know that Heath Ledger was there! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Brad Pitt has booked a new movie. Reading the synopsis, it sounds like there’s going to be a lot of running and hanging from things. Is Tom Cruise also in this movie? (JustJared)