Brian Cox worked with Brad Pitt on Troy and he tells Vanity Fair that he was stunned by Brad’s beauty on set. Which … I mean… I get it, because Brad was ripped for that movie and was shirtless a lot and wore a skirt but he never did it for me as Achilles. Maybe it was the hair. I found him the most attractive, I think, in Meet Joe Black. (Dlisted) 


Loooooove this outfit on Ariana DeBose who, according to most experts, not only will be called next Tuesday when the Oscar Academy announces the nominations but is actually the frontrunner to win. So if you don’t have her on your red carpet watch list, add her right now. She’s going to deliver, especially since the fashion houses look to be fully on board with dressing her for all the pre-events. (Go Fug Yourself) 

What will this trial really end up costing Prince Andrew financially? Sounds like he had some money issues even before Virginia Roberts Giuffre sued him. And some shady accounting too? It’s amazing that the British tabloids aren’t screaming themselves hoarse over this man’s cashflow issues. (Cele|bitchy) 

Taron Egerton’s towel dance is exactly the kind of celebrity content that we need more of during dreary February. (OMG Blog) 


What Whoopi Goldberg said on The View on Monday about the Holocaust and Jewish people and racism was ignorant. She was wrong. And now she’s been suspended for two weeks. I received an email today from someone asking for commentary about this. Right now, the only commentary I feel qualified to make is that everyone, all of us, could use more education. So I’m just trying to read as much as I can, from people who know better. So here’s a piece by Jair Rosenberg about why Whoopi’s “line of thinking is profoundly mistaken” with a link to a previous piece he wrote about “Why So Many People Still Don’t Understand Anti-Semitism”. Whether or not Whoopi’s leave from The View is temporary or permanent won’t change the fact that racism against Jewish people is on the rise, that antisemitism is “a core ideology in white nationalist movements”. So my personal takeaway from the situation is that it’s a reminder about vigilance – it’s like a fortress, with multiple panels, and all of those panels must be secured and monitored at all times. I’ll speak for myself here when I say I can do a better job of checking my complacency. (The Atlantic and PBS)