Somehow, it only just occurred to me that Bridgerton and Moon Knight premiere only a week apart. I don’t know how I never connected that, except that I never know what day it is and time isn’t real anyway. That means, however, that it’s a big week for red carpets as the high-profile casts of both these shows do their publicity promenades. Let’s start with Bridgerton’s premiere last night at the Tate Modern in London. Unfortunately, Nicola Coughlan couldn’t be there because she tested positive for COVID after the BAFTAs (along with, it feels like, everyone else). But a lot of the cast was still on hand, including the central love triangle formed by Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley, and Charithra Chandran.


Season two may not be as frothy and lust-laden as season one—though all the pining does make for a certain kind of sexiness, in and of itself—but don’t blame Bailey and Ashley. They have GREAT chemistry, so great, in fact, part of the problem with the season is that Kate and Anthony get short-changed by the rushed finale. I am just going to pretend all these photos of Bailey and Ashley smiling at each other is the joyful conclusion their characters deserved. 

Also on hand were the two Lukes, Newton and Thompson, who play Colin and Benedict, respectively, and the youngest Bridgertons, Florence Hunt and Will Tilston. They remain adorable, though it is shocking how fast these kids grow between seasons, not unlike the Stranger Things cast. I honestly wonder if they’ll even bother recasting Gregory and Hyacinth by the time they get to the final stories in the Bridgerton lineup, or just let these two age into their respective grown-up characters.


Also! I did not know this! But Andy Serkis is married to Lorraine Ashbourne, who plays Varley, the Featheringtons’ sour housekeeper. I didn’t even recognize her, she looks so different when she’s not scowling at something Lady Featherington just said. Also, Ashbourne is recycling her dress from the BAFTAs. Varley would approve of this household economy!