Once in a while, an OOTW post belongs on the main page because the outfit – or in this case outfits, plural – is just too good. Two of them – one for me and one for you? Here’s what I love about Brie Larson’s two looks earlier this week in South Korea to promote Avengers: Endgame – the versatility. For me, obviously, the standout is the caped dress. Look at this perfection:


It’s the leather that sets it apart from other dresses. Not just in the caping but in the band that comes vertically down her body. To me, that band gives the effect of like… a weapon. She’s nice, but if you f-ck with her, you’re getting that leather strapped across your ass. Right? That’s the Carol Danvers attitude – which is also what’s working here: that she’s kinda sorta cosplaying her character. If I could make any request at all with this I’d want it in another colour option, maybe something brighter, just to see. I just want to see what that would be like. 

So that was for the press conference. For the premiere, Brie showed up in a frilly dress. Like a giant pink frill going from one side of her body to the other. 


This is not usually my jam. It’s pageant AF. It’s Blake Lively AF. Barbie AF. It may have actually been copied off of a Barbie. So…why do I like it so much?!? I think it’s because this is not usually her jam either so to see Brie mixing it up like this, having fun with fashion and her choices, feels fresh. Also, I appreciate the thinking behind the design. The blue fabric that makes up the dress is boring. It needed some life. It was given life in the most extra way possible. That’s good work, non?