If I’d presented you with a hypothetical before the lockdown about which celebrities would make you cringe on social media, how close would it look to the actual list after lockdown, when the cringe came forward and took off its mask? Could you have predicted Ellen DeGeneres? How about Pharrell? And Gal Gadot? Madonna? Probably. But for sure you would not have foreseen Gal Gadot – but this is where we are. 


And what about Britney Spears? Even if you didn’t have Britney on your cringe list, would you have expected her to deliver on the opposite side? Britney the Marxist surprised us all, right? And once again, last night, Britney came through on Instagram with a post that is helping us on so many levels during this time of uncertainty. On the off chance you haven’t seen this yet:

You’ll note, he commented. OF COURSE HE DID. 

When would he miss an opportunity to promote himself through her? He’s only been doing it for 20 years. There is no Justin Timberlake without Britney Spears. I SAID WHAT I SAID. And I’m not the only one to say what I said. This is facts. Sorry, no, it’s #facts. What could possibly make JT happier than to have someone – not, just anyone but Britney Spears – talking about JT’s favourite subject: JT. 


So whyyyyyyy is she serving it to him?

Well, it depends on how you read it. I choose to read it like this: 

To me, reminding him that they had “one of the world’s biggest breakups” is basically reminding him that, again, he would be NOTHING without her. He became the *NSYNC standout because of her (#JusticeForJC). His solo career took off because of Britney and “Cry Me A River”. If you need receipts, check it here: 


As for Britney calling him a “genius” in her caption and telling him it’s a “great song” – OK, sure, but what song? If you’re not the president of the Justin Timberlake fan club, does anyone actually know the song without being told the song? The song is “Filthy”, the lead single off his most recent album, Man of the Woods. Which was … a flop. 

So basically, if you ask me, this was Britney doing charity, a gracious queen. And, at the same time, going viral. Coming up with the idea to break the internet. It’s HER idea. Not his idea, but HER idea. HER Instagram, not his. 

For the first time in my life, I’m hoping “Filthy” starts charting from this, like enough to make me want to campaign for it. So that she can claim the credit, the credit that’s been overdue for 20 years. For now, then, enjoy this moment, celebrate the day that Britney gave us some relief from this global health crisis with some gossip nostalgia to flex on Justin Timberlake. Oops, she did it again. (Sorry! I had to!)