And not just for the clothes but Britney Spears as the new face of Kenzo is work and strategy and career and everything we do on the Show Your Work podcast – and DID! This week’s episode is about celebrity fashion partnerships! Who do they benefit, how do they benefit, and when is it the right fit? 

So is Britney X Kenzo the right fit? 

It is so f-cking much the right fit that now that you know it’s happened, you’re like, sh-t, OF COURSE it happened, right? Kenzo is funky prints and interesting shapes and often obnoxious colours. It’s not safe but it’s high quality. And it’s trendy…but only for a minute. Until they issue their next funky/obnoxious collection. Emma Stone may wear a Kenzo piece now and again but head-to-toe Kenzo is not where Emma lives. It is, however, where Britney could live. 

And this is where we find her now. 

Because up to this point, “high quality” clothing is not what we would associate with Britney. With Kenzo though, it’s a perfect marriage of Britney’s signature tacky aesthetic with a brand that embraces that vibe but doesn’t compromise on the standard of the materials and the construction. 

Look at her in these clothes!


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These looks are distinctly Britney. But they aren’t cheap either. 

Which is why this is such a smart collaboration, so f-cking smart. 

With Britney, Kenzo gets a massive name, still one of the biggest superstars of a generation. With Kenzo, Britney gets to class up her style without giving up her style identity. So it took a while… but it was worth the wait, SO worth the wait.