It’s been over a year since Britney was freed (from that conservatorship), but people still really like pushing the “Britney needs help/Britney’s family to the rescue” narrative. Britney would like us all to exclude her from that narrative, please. (DListed)


The Morning Show wrapped season three. A few days ago, Maria asked if anyone was sticking with this show (which only Duana watches). Jennifer Aniston is! She celebrated wrap by teasing “so much more to come”. Should there be, though? (Popsugar)

Salma Hayek Pinault covers Glamour in three countries. In the US interview, she talks about getting cold feet regarding marriage and being “tricked” into a courthouse wedding…to a billionaire. Mmmmmm kay. She does look very glamorous, though. (Go Fug Yourself)

Now that they’ve got their docu-series out, the Sussexes are focusing on “original, scripted” content for Netflix. It’s a great time to be trying to get new shows off the ground, just when everyone slashing budgets and rolling back production orders! (Celebitchy)

There should absolutely be an Oscar for Best Stunts. Give it to the coordinator and choreographer together, the way the sound branch combined editing and mixing into one “sound design” award. If we recognize visual effects, production design, costume design, and hair and makeup, we should be recognizing the contribution of stunt performance to cinema. The biggest obstacle to a stunt Oscar—besides knee-jerk resistance to making the Oscars longer—are the actors. A lot of them campaign on “I do my own stunts” (coughNataliePortmancough). Tom Cruise is a notable exception, but no matter what they say, actors don’t do ALL their own stunts. Insurance exists. (That’s part of Tom Cruise’s stunt privilege, he’s rich enough to pay his own insurance as needed.) Stunt performance is an integral part of the filmmaking process, and it’s not just on big blockbuster movies, either. A stunt could be a well-executed pratfall or physical gag. While we wait for the Academy to get their sh-t together, I’m glad SOMEONE is recognizing stunt excellence in cinema. (Vulture)