Britney got me thinking about burgers. It’s been a while since I’ve had a dirty burger. Lately the only burgers I’ve had have been the fancy kind – homemade patties from the butcher around the corner, so good. But there’s something about a fast food burger, you know? And the most BASIC burger. Like a truy basic burger. A flat, tiny burger. For some reason, the tiny thin slice of pickle on those burgers taste better too. Is it just me? (Dlisted) 

It’s the weekend. And Kayleigh Donaldson makes a case for why, not just on the weekends, you are allowed to be happy, even though there’s so much f-cking sh-t making you and so many others so sad, so angry, so hopeless. (Pajiba) 

Jacek and I used to play in a dodgeball league every Friday. We don’t do it anymore because Duana and I podcast now on Friday nights. Once in a while, we’d play against someone who took it way seriously. And then we’d get all jacked up and serious. And since I love drama, I totally got off on it. Tom Brady clearly takes dodgeball very seriously. And Gisele Bundchen probably does too. They’d be on the team that every other team hates the most. (TMZ) 
Tracee Ellis Ross in Chanel is exciting. Margot Robbie in Chanel is not exciting at all. The Fug Girls are right – ever since Margot became a Chanel ambassador, the styling has been muted and unremarkable. Remember her Oscar dress? You don’t. Exactly my point. (Go Fug Yourself) 

When you think back on the people you’ve dated, is there someone you wish you could forget? And forever you will ask yourself WHYYYYYY, WHAAATTT WAS I THINKING!?! Pretty sure Sofia Vergara can kick all of our asses in that game. (Cele|bitchy) 

Beyoncé took over The Louvre. As IF The Louvre had to think all that hard over that request. Because The Louvre is now offering a Beyoncé-inspired tour of itself. So she went into the museum and told them what route to take. (Vogue)