A beautiful tribute to the late bell hooks by Brittney Cooper. (The Cut)


As the Fug Girls say, Chloe Grace Moretz is back. She’s kept a very low profile the last year or so. And now she’s on a red carpet in an outfit inspired by… Liza Minnelli? (Go Fug Yourself)  

I am obsessed with this fart in a jar story. So many questions. First of all, I did a word search for “fart jar” on this site, just because I had a vague memory of one of us writing about farting in a jar before – and you know what it turned up? A film review written by Sarah and… Brad Pitt!  OK but second? How do you jar a fart? Wouldn’t the gas escape by the time you capped it? I would happily jar my farts and sell them if there was a buyer. I just don’t know how to actually get it in the jar. Also, what’s the going rate for different types of farts? Are bean farts the most expensive? You know what makes me the fartiest? My period. Period farts should be the premium. (Dlisted) 


Yesterday in this space I linked to a post about the Queen and her Christmas plans and today her royal lunch has been cancelled because of COVID. Well, yeah. COVID has dominated my life today because where I live, we are seeing a huge surge. The daily case count went up by something like 40% today from yesterday. It’s bad here, and a lot of people are anxious. I’m anxious. We all watched our municipal and provincial leaders at a press conference talking about the modelling for the next month and it’s terrifying. So please get your boosters if you are able to and I’m sending you my safest vibes. (Cele|bitchy)  

People are still fantasising about how Game of Thrones should have ended. Good soundtrack. (Pajiba)