Dear Gossips, 

As we saw on Grammy night, especially the way that the theatre was set up, not unlike at the Oscars with the artists sat at cocktail tables on the floor, it gave celebrities more of an opportunity to hang out with each other during commercial break. At one point Jon Batiste, who won Album of the Year and accepted in a glorious tricked out cape, which we didn’t talk about enough yesterday, posed for a photo with BTS’s V. 


But it turns out they spent time together in Vegas and not just at the Grammys with both posting about the experience yesterday: 


They’ve known each other since at least 2019 when BTS made their first appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, performing at the Ed Sullivan Theatre where, of course, The Beatles also had their American debut.


Colbert and The Late Show celebrated Jon’s five Grammy wins on last night’s show with a beautiful tribute – the dome lit up with his trophy photos and Stephen bursting with admiration. 


Jon Batiste loves making music and he loves listening to music. He loves BTS’s music…


…because it’s not a cliché to say: music is the universal language, artist to artist, that’s how they communicate, as we just saw with Jon and V, and artist to listener, as you know with whatever just came up on your playlist. The first song that came up on mine this morning is H.E.R.'s “Best Part” ft Daniel Caesar. Let this be the energy of the day. 


Yours in gossip,