Dear Gossips,   

I posted last week about BTS’s Las Vegas takeover ahead of the first of two weekend performances that are bringing in thousands of fans to the city. And Vegas is well aware of it. When they say takeover, it’s no joke. This was Vegas on Thursday night – even the control tower at the airport was lit up in purple. 


Also the Bellagio Fountain:

According to The Bellagio, 160,000 people have come by to watch the watch the BTS fountain show. So when I said last week that ONE act was drawing the kind of tourism that an entire festival can attract, it was not an exaggeration. 

Not going to lie… I have so much FOMO. When we lived in Vancouver, we used to go to Vegas twice a year for golf and gambling. But also, we were supposed to be in Vegas on Grammy weekend because we had tickets to Adele who, by the way, STILL hasn’t rescheduled her Vegas residency dates. We bought those tickets back in November when her residency was first announced, well before there was any mention that BTS would be coming. And I have yet to see RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook in concert. So the missing out pains are real. 


While in Vegas, as the bandmembers have been sharing on their social media that when they’re not rehearsing and prepping for their shows, they too are experiencing Vegas – out for dinner, shopping, sightseeing, and in V’s case… a lot of golf. That sounds like my schedule. 

He was at Top Golf the other day. Have you been to Top Golf? Before the pandemic we went to Top Golf in Houston. It’s the BEST – even if you’re not into golf. If you’re not there to hit, you’re there for the snacks! The wings! This is how I describe it to people: Top Golf is like noraebang but instead of singing, you’re swinging. Five years ago they announced plans to open locations in Canada but this still hasn’t happened yet and I’m not sure what’s taking so long, it’s not like there isn’t any thirst for it. 

Speaking of thirst though, it would seem as though V has it bad for golf. He’s been posting more and more golf content on his IG lately, and he’s not just on the range, he went out to play for real… 


If you golf, or if you know someone who is golf obsessed, I bet you what I’m about to say will be familiar to you – I showed this to Jacek, my husband, who can barely remember what I look like when I leave the house every morning, but can tell you every undulation on a fairway and slope on the green at any hole on a golf course after playing it once. Right away he eyeballed the course that V was playing – Shadow Creek. 

So here’s my question: BTS is known to have a Midas touch with whatever they wear, eat, watch, do, and wherever they go. As soon as ARMY identifies the product or the food or the place, they’ll buy or try or go. Or…do? 

Is there about to be a surge in new golfers, LOL? 

If so, GREAT. That works for me. If you’ve been visiting this site over the years, you know my whole sh-t with golf, and I play a lot of golf, and it would be so much more fun if there was a wider range of people on the course to play. Also women’s golf fashion is the worst. So if BTS fans can have an impact on this aspect of the game, I would be so grateful. 

Yours in gossip,