Dear Gossips,

Jacek was watching the Jays game on his phone while I had the Billboard Music Awards on last night. He took his headphones off for BTS. I never, ever thought that this would be the thing to bring us together: a boy band! Not just any boy band, though, obviously. For Jacek, it’s the dancing – the choreo, the synchronicity, the pure joy that’s undeniable when they’re performing. At one point he started laughing and I snapped, you better not be making fun of them, and he was like, f-ck no, they’re just so fun to watch you have to let it out!

That’s what most of the celebrities there had to do too last night. Everyone who namechecked BTS got screamed at, which was part of the fun. The BTS Army is nothing if not responsive. And they’re still in their feelings this morning because BTS made history with their win for Top Duo/Group. On Saturday they’re playing two shows at the Rose Bowl – to paraphrase what RM said last night, they’ll be singing in Korean, at the Rose Bowl, and it’s going to be packed, and almost everyone there is going to know every word to every song, and THAT is this incredible thing that they’ve done, including topping the Billboard 200 three times in less than a year, an achievement they now share with The Beatles. 

Here they are, arriving at the BBMAs, all of them in Alexander McQueen. The standout, obviously, is my everything, Jungkook, in the long pinstriped jacket with the matching pants. You know why he’s my favourite, aside from the FACT that he’s the cutest? Because he’s the one who’s always snacking during the show. Same! That’s how our spirits are aligned. 

Yours in gossip,