My parents used to own a Chinese buffet restaurant so I have seen buffet violence firsthand. Eggrolls and chicken balls used to be the contentious items and people would wait for a fresh batch and push others out of the way to get there first. This is the mistake that people make at a buffet though – you think it’s a quick meal because it’s self-serve, but any self-respecting buffet diner knows that you have to budget the time. Because you want to take several passes at the stations, which means you’re sitting there, giving your body the chance to digest and recharge for more, and you want to make sure you’re getting food when it comes out fresh – which is what happened in this case: two seasoned buffet diners meeting their match. (Dlisted) 

North West, daughter of Kanye and Kim Kardashian, has landed her first solo magazine cover. She is 5 years old. The question is whether or not kids of their generation will be into beauty products when they get older. HAHAHAHA. Seriously?! Ten years from now – and it will fly by – North will probably have her own beauty brand. Or maybe she’ll pivot to coding. (Cele|bitchy) 

I appreciate that Katy Perry has a certain aesthetic. And I get it that it’s never going to be my jam. But whyyyyyy do the pieces always have to look so poorly made, so badly constructed? The thing is, they’re probably not. They’re probably high end, high brand. It’s just the way she wears her sh-t that is the opposite of “elevate”. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Look. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. Sometimes when I’m on camera I forget that I’m on camera and I eat like I’m off camera. This happens on an almost daily basis on The Social, including today, during our segment on “breading”. Like popcorn shrimp, and chicken tenders. OMG I tried chicken tenders that were breaded WITH PRETZELS and they were THE BEST, no joke. So the eating is not my question where Pizza Guy in the Hallway is concerned. It’s the fact that… are we sure he washed his hands first? (Pajiba) 

So one of the people in the Kardashian-Jenner inner circle betrayed them. And she’s now telling the story to Jada Pinkett Smith because she’s also close to that family. Does this benefit the Smiths? Instead of the Kardashians? Is this prioritising one reality show over another? (TMZ) 

Here is something a lot of people are excited about today that I know nothing about: The Baby-Sitters Club. Our site manager, Emily, and Duana had an email exchange about it today, copying me, and I felt the gap. So I guess I should read the books? How come I never ever heard of this show? Duana said it just missed me. Like I was grown and past it. What, so I should reclaim my childhood? (The Mary Sue)