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Over the last few weeks we’ve seen the power of youth, potential, and emerging talent manifesting a possibility that previous generations have laid the groundwork for. I thought about this when Buffy Sainte-Marie came on stage last night during the Juno Awards. Buffy has been advocating for change long before she had the allies. Last night she presented with Grimes to introduce Lights who performed in front of images of “12 of our Canadian badass female nominees” she’d drawn specifically for the event: 


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Buffy is the only indigenous Oscar winner in history. (You don’t have to be Canadian to know the song. Everyone knows the song, Up Where We Belong.) For that reason, her Oscar is in the Smithsonian. Buffy Sainte-Marie has been showing us how to show your work for a long, long time. There’s a new book coming out about her later this year written by Andrea Warner so, just a heads up, we’ll be talking a lot more about Buffy in the months to come. More people need to know her story. 

Also, she’s 77 years old and look at her in this outfit!? 

More on the Junos to come later today.

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