Duana and I usually record Show Your Work on Friday nights but this week, we’re pushing it to Sunday night. There will be no change in the post schedule though. Monday as usual. Lately our lineups have been directly determined by your emails and suggestions – thank you! There was a question earlier this week about child stars, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake, that we’re trying to get into the rundown and, yes, for those of you who’ve been asking us to talk about Angelina Jolie’s Vanity Fair interview, beyond the gossip about Brad Pitt, that’s definitely in the mix too. Let us know before Sunday about the other work questions on your mind. We’ll do our best to work it into the discussion. Have a great weekend!

Oh thank God someone is talking about this because I’m the asshole who only found out about this a couple of a weeks ago. “Butt implant” is actually not accurate anymore, haven’t you heard? It’s fat transfer – from other parts of your body to your ass. So, basically, you’re just moving your own fat from one spot on your body where it’s perceived to be less desirable to another part of your body where it’s very desirable. And then the fat eventually just gets reabsorbed into your body and you do it all over again. Which, technically, is not the same as implants. This, allegedly, is the preferred method of the Kardashians. (Dlisted)

OK British people. You win. You win the Calm Olympics. Oh, no, sorry. The Keep Calm and Carry On Olympics. And, duh, that makes sense, because of course no one does Keep Calm and Carry On quite like you. But … OH MY GOD HOLY F-CKING SH-T. Like the car flips over! And he doesn’t even raise his voice. Instead? One of his first reactions is “oh dear”. OH DEAR?!? And then! Oh dear is followed by “no anger”! (Pajiba)

In case you were wondering how far removed from the Queen you have to be to be posting underwear selfies on social media (I was), we now have the answer. This dude’s grandmother is basically Prince Harry. So, basically, one day Prince Harry’s grandkids will be posing like this on whatever Instagram is in 60 years. (Just Jared)

Olivia Munn’s clothes lately: the classic I’m Single Again wardrobe. A lot of short skirts. A lot of crop tops. A bold lip, although she’s always been great at the bold lip, and the I’m Single Again shoe of choice for Olivia seems to be the open toe platform. For me, the only way to do an open toe platform, if you have to, is when the legs are not exposed. The same way you make a choice between cleavage and leg. You want cleavage? Fine. But then don’t go too short. You want to go short? Sure, but then don’t overload on cleavage. Blake Lively doesn’t understand this. And neither does Olivia Munn. (Go Fug Yourself)

What, exactly, does “horizontal” mean to John Mayer? Because when I saw that word with his name beside it, my first reaction was, “Who is f-cking now?” And after reading the quote, I still don’t understand what he means. Is this how he talks when he’s out to dinner with someone? Because if I was the person listening to him, I’d need a translator. A metaphor doesn’t have to show up in every sentence. Why won’t someone explain that to him? (Cele|bitchy)

Do you follow Lauren Duca on Twitter? What she posted this morning will make you violent. But, then again, Martin Shkreli has always made me violent. It’s his face. It’s that punch-me face. Ansel Elgort has a punchable face. So does Miles Teller. But no one has a more punchable face than f-cking Martin Shkreli and that’s before he actually does anything. How anyone in that courtroom managed to not punch him is a great mystery and a testament to human tenacity. (Rolling Stone)