The Cambridges released the first official portraits of Prince Louis this weekend. Trey is being held by his sister, Princess Charlotte, who just celebrated her 3rd birthday last week. The photos were taken by Princess Kate. 


These are not unlike the shots that were released when Charlotte was born. She wore a similar – same? – white sweater in the arms of Big G: 

Katy Cambridge loves symbolism and symmetry. She matches what she wears when she leaves the hospital to what Princess Diana wore when William and Harry were born. And she sets up her baby photos in a way that shows continuity… which is actually the most important part of her job: constancy, continuity, tradition. Does she get enough credit for this? 

It is every royal’s responsibility to uphold the monarchy. And that responsibility is heavier on the Cambridges than it is it for most since William is expected to sit on the throne one day and Big G after him. They do this with their public engagements and their international tours for sure. But Kate’s other method is much more subtle. It’s not just “cute” to pose her children in photographs like this. The more significant, and perhaps overlooked intention, is that it’s a force for stability – and status quo. And I’m pretty sure the palace strategists appreciate her for this much more than we hear about in the news.