Cameron Diaz talked about why she’s taking a break from Hollywood at In Goop Health this weekend. I thought of Cam today when I was writing about Rough Night. Not that she’s been in exactly the same movie but is there a comparison to be made between The Sweetest Thing and Rough Night if you consider what they mean in their respective eras? The Sweetest Thing was terrible to pay for and watch in a theatre. It’s a great movie to watch at home or on a plane. I have actually grown to love it. (Dlisted) 

Naomi Watts talks about Australians and Tall Poppy Syndrome but it’s actually not just Australia. We have it here too in Canada. I think that’s partly why we don’t have a star system. Or we don’t accept people as stars until America does. (See: Degrassi) But at the same time we insist that we’re not anything like Americans. (Cele|bitchy) 

I could watch Leslie Jones playing charades for hours. When she started licking the back of her hand in this video, I lost it and never came back. Leslie is hosting the BET Awards on June 25. After that, I will probably want her to host everything. Including the Oscars. Can you imagine? Remember what it was like when she was at the Olympics? How she was actually an asset to the Olympics? Imagine her fangirling that entire red carpet? (Pop Sugar) 

Remember when Tom Hardy got into a fight with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu when they were shooting The Revenant? I mean this is a ridiculous casting idea. And insulting. And offensive. And hopefully it’s really just a rumour. But… if this has to happen, because Hollywood does this f-cksh-t all the time, maybe some good will come out of it. Maybe Tom will also punch out Guy Ritchie? He deserves to be punched out if this is true. (Pajiba) 

6 minutes. That’s all it took. And I’m sure there are a million and one legal reasons explaining this but the way I saw it, it’s not only arrogance but it’s a statement about how easy it could be to defend a man, not only this man, but so many men in similar positions. 6 minutes. And if he’s innocent, think about what that means. 6 f-cking minutes. (TMZ) 

This is a great picture. And this is the last summer of Usain Bolt on the track. He ran his last race on his home track the other night. Read this article about what Bolt means to Jamaica. When your name is Usain Bolt though, could you have been anything else? (The Undefeated)