Camila Cabello has been at almost every music awards show in the past year. She’s been accepting awards for her debut album which I still couldn’t sing a single song from unless it was “Havana.” I know every word of that song and I don’t know how. “Havana” is that song you find yourself singing out loud at a grocery store before catching yourself like, “have I even heard this song before? How do I know all the words? What sorcery is this?”

Camila Cabello performed her latest single “Consequences” and it was the least boring of the ballads we had to sit through last night so there’s that. If we’re talking about little pop stars belting out ballads, Camila Cabello is no Ariana Grande but she hit some nice runs and while I hated her onstage look, I didn’t mind the performance. Camila Cabello consistently shows up to these shows, makes me question why she’s there again, and then is just so likeable and consistent, I can’t help but root for her. I still think that Normani should be the bigger star out of the ex-Fifth Harmony members but Camila can stay.  


“Consequences” is Camila’s last single off her debut album. She just came off tour with her BFF Taylor Swift. They sat together the whole show. There are photos of Camila resting her head on Taylor’s shoulder. They made for cute “girls’ night out!” cutaway shots. 

This is a weird gesture to make to a girlfriend who is not your toddler but OK. We haven’t seen Girl Squad Taylor in a long time. I didn’t love Taylor’s friend-collecting phase but her friendship with Camila last night seemed genuine – almost motherly (see BOOP gif above.) Taylor was the mature, calm one while Camila was the kid dancing and singing along in her seat. 

I don’t understand why I think this is cute instead of cringey but I do. Every time they cut to Camila, she was giving a good face. 

Camila Cabello has forced me to like her. She also gets points for not bringing her random boyfriend to the show.  That is, if he’s still her boyfriend. Camila brought her dad as her date and now fans think she and Matthew Hussey have broken up. It’s not like they were walking carpets when we knew they were together. The only shots we’ve seen of them together are on vacation. I’m not saying for sure that they are still together but I don’t think Camila showing up to the AMAs dateless means anything about their relationship status.