What are the chances that Leonardo DiCaprio would skip Coachella? When has he ever skipped any weekend of partying? So did he bring any new choreography to Coachella 2018? Could any choreography by better than his Coachella 2014 choreography? A refresher, since it’s that time of year, although this video is good at all times of the year: 


There are no updated dance moves I can show you. But Coachella 2018 did feature a new bonafide – Leo was there with Camila Morrone. They were seen in the VIP section talking nose to nose. She also, at one point, fed him pizza and had her head in his lap on the grass. Going to Coachella is precisely why Leo dates the way he dates – he needs to feel like he’ll never age-out of these occasions. This, I think, also explains his wardrobe. He looks younger in a hoodie and a baseball cap. He looks like he’s young enough to be dating Camila, to be a fixture at Coachella every year. It’s his version of “anti-aging” makeup and skincare. 

Like most celebrities, Leo travelled to Coachella on a private jet. Here’s video of him on the plane. He’s really just the coolest, you know?