Candace Bushnell says she was “startled” by some of the decisions in the Sex and the City sequel series, And Just Like That What really kills me is when she calls it a “television product”. The stigma between film and TV is long gone, but there is something so funny about a writer whose work inspired a mega-hit show calling it a “television product”. Like the way my mom used to call my comics “picture books”. Just so casually demeaning of the entire form, absolute devastation. (DListed)


I know we’re all into Tomdaya today, but let’s not forget the other adorable couple with a height difference, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens. They shared a cute engagement video on Instagram. All this young love, almost enough to make my cold dead heart beat once more. (Popsugar

So who is going to be the first dude celeb to don a FACE THONG? (Go Fug Yourself)

Prince Andrew may have settled with Virginia Guiffre, but Prince Charles’s legal issues are just beginning as the Met digs into his cash-for-honours scandal. They might be talking to Prince Harry about a Saudi national who donated to both Prince Charles’s foundation (under investigation) and Prince Harry’s Sentebale foundation (not under investigation). The problem for Charles is going to be that Harry cut bait with this dude long before Charles did, which almost makes it seem like Harry and/or his Sentebale people sniffed out something suss and pulled back before getting in too deep with a shady deal. If throwing out Harry’s name in relation to this Saudi investor was meant to deflect from Charles, it might end up backfiring. (Celebitchy)


Please enjoy every word of this oral history of the finale song from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, “Super Trouper”. It is WILD. It is HYSTERICAL. Rachel Handler once again serves the week’s must read. And once you’re done reading, enjoy the spectacle of a group of actors, some of whom conspicuously CANNOT sing, belting their hearts out to “Super Trouper”. Happy weekend, everyone. (Vulture)