Here is Noomi Rapace arriving in France for the Cannes Film Festival. Like Rebecca Hall, she is a juror. Noomi’s arrival look is SPECTACULAR. The tee shirt, the jeans, the blazer, the bag, the SHADES. LOVE these shades, I am all about the oversized sunnies lately. Give me sunglasses so big the mere idea of sunlight can’t reach my field of vision. And I’m not usually a loafers girl, but I’ll give these a pass because they work so well with the look and, well, I know not everyone likes to wear open-toed shoes in airports. But it IS the south of France at the start of summer, loafers seem a little more “fall in New York”. So does the blazer, really, but again, the whole look is so good, it gets a pass, even if I would go with a seersucker over a tweed.


Also, the jeans. I love the wash and the cuff, but not the high waist. Stop yelling at me, youths, I feel like a sausage in high-waisted pants, I prefer a mid-rise. Mock me on TikTok all you want (TikMok?), but I will never succumb to the high-waisted trend. It’s just not comfortable to me, and jeans are as much about comfort as they are making your ass look good. Anyway, A+ arrival style from Noomi Rapace, I cannot WAIT to see what she brings to the Croisette over the next couple weeks.