The Cannes Film Festival officially begins today with tonight’s opening ceremony where Meryl Streep will be the guest of honour and receive the honourary Palme d’Or. Meryl was at the photo call today in the most perfectly Cannes fit – a beautifully tailored white suit over a blue and white striped shirt and that hat. She looks cool AF, stylish AF, I am obsessed with this look. And now I’m curious to see if her red carpet gala look later will be able to match her daytime vibes. 


Also seen today, Cannes jury president Greta Gerwig in a blue sundress and this is quite Cannes-coded too. You will note, Greta is wearing Margiela by John Galliano, head to toe. And this is from the same artisanal collection that was so acclaimed when it was shown on the runway in January and that featured so prominently last week at the Met Gala. 


I don’t normally f-ck with that signature Margiela shoe but I have to say I don’t mind it here in white with the platform heel. 


Greta was joined by fellow jury members today, including Lily Gladstone. This means… more Lily fashion, it did not end with award season. She was just at the Met Gala, she’ll be serving looks in Cannes every day for the next ten days, and then it’s Emmy campaigning season! Here’s Lily in Gucci, alongside the women of the jury and Madame President: 


Finally, Furiosa is in Cannes too as the film will screen tomorrow night out of competition. Anya Taylor Joy stepped out today, also giving big Cannes energy in a sheer white dress over a bodysuit, and a hat worn off her head. Anya Taylor-Joy is already bringing the theatrics to the Croisette. Can’t wait to see what she wears tomorrow night at the premiere.