Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting another baby. Can’t wait to hear what song Taylor Swift writes about it. (Popsugar)


Kanye West opened a private, Christian school called Donda Academy. It’s not accredited (yet), and the parents have to sign NDAs. I’m sure that’s all fine and those kids are receiving top notch educations. (DListed)

Sheryl Lee Ralph ends her Emmy week with a scarlet stunner at the Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS gala. (Go Fug Yourself)

Literally the only part of the royal succession I care about is who gets what from Queen Elizabeth’s private estate—she had a lot of jewelry and art outside the royal collection—and the TITLES. I love the titles. Abolish the monarchy and all that, but I also love the weird combination of genealogy and family gossip that makes up aristocratic title lineage. It’s like half-science, half blatant rumormongering. Obviously, William and Kate are now THR The Prince and Princess of Wales. But will Princess Anne, currently HRH The Princess Royal, get an even BIGGER title? Personally, I think she should be a duchess just like her brothers are dukes. This is one way the monarchy can modernize, give the royal daughters dukedoms just like the sons. Don’t differentiate any longer. Either stop handing out titles to everyone except the direct heir, or give them all the same thing. (Celebitchy)


Two reading recommendations this week. First, Chris Gayomali investigates the growing trend of leg-lengthening surgeries among short men. Yes, this is basically the Gattaca surgery, and it sounds extremely painful. And yes, this is the same procedure that led to the death of Prachi Gupta’s brother. What strikes me most is that most of these guys aren’t even short! Some are five-seven or eight, average height. I am five one and a half. A five-eight guy is over six inches taller than me. Average height dudes, just date short women. You seem very tall to us. (GQ)

And for something lighter and less “are men okay”, social media influencer Trisha Paytas named her new baby Malibu Barbie. This is taking Barbiecore TOO FAR. I was at a 12-year-old’s birthday party recently (honorary auntie, coming through), and several of the kids were using nicknames in lieu of creative/unique names they are now old enough to hate. As a Sarah, I support unique names so kids can form identities outside the herd, but there is a line that risks your kid hating their yoo-nik name when they grow up. Case in point: “Adam”, who abandoned his wildly unusable given name and isn’t speaking to his parents until they let him legally change it. I wonder if Malibu Barbie will end up in a similar argument, or if she’ll just go by “Mal”. That’s a pretty cool nickname. (CNN)