Paris Jackson was in London this week for Fashion Week and she was hanging out with Cara Delevingne. They were photographed leaving some parties and holding hands. At one point, according to the paps, Paris was seen wearing Cara’s clothing. Which is a thing that the kids do all the time. Back in November, the two were first spotted holding hands, also in London. So there’s been speculation about whether or not they’re dating. So far the Year of the Dog is giving us a lot of potential celebrity romance, non? I’m into it. They actually look quite similar in the face. And the style porn between the two of them, Jesus. Look at those gold joggers on Paris. They’re SO good, right? 

More and more, as mentioned yesterday in the Tessa Thompson/Janelle Monae post, famous women are stepping out romantically with other famous women. It means increased visibility. And the hope with increased visibility is normalisation. Yesterday I received an email from a reader called T. Here’s what T wrote: 

“Hi Lainey! About the Tessa and Janelle Monae post that you wrote...

"This is a conversation I’ll be pitching to Duana on Show Your Work: is it true equality when we can ship a same sex relationship?"


As a former heterosexual, who's been in a relationship with another woman for over a year now, I am always interested in famous same sex couples. I mean, I spent my teens shipping heterosexual couples and now I really need to see some gay celebrities (especially women!). You have no idea how heteronormative the world is, until you pass to the other side!”

T, we’re trying. I’m trying. I haven’t always tried. In fact, I was straight up ignorant before. But hopefully we all get the chance to learn from others and to keep evolving. 

So. Cara and Paris. Hot? Very. In fact, this might even be a case in need of Hot Management. These are two big personalities. Fiery personalities. During a year of potent fire. That’s an electrifying combination. But there’s also big potential for drama. 

Can we talk about Cara at the Burberry show? It was Christopher Bailey’s final collection for the label. Cara closed the presentation in a rainbow-coloured furry coat over excessively baggy pants. On her, because she’s her, it’s a great look. 


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Also here’s Cara in the signature Burberry print, done in a two-piece: 

I know that coat is excessive but seriously, admire the two-piece. It’s so f-cking good.