Once upon a time there was a prince. His name was Harry. And he had a crush on an actress – but not the one you’re thinking of. The actress was Jennifer Aniston and supposedly Harry thought she was “Princess Material”. LOLOLOL. Can you picture Prince Harry saying the words “princess material”? The dude who seems sometimes like he barely wants to be a prince himself? (Dlisted) 

Blue is very royal colour, I get it. No other colour is as safe as blue. And these British royals love safe. So here’s Princess Kate in safe baby blue but with some sheer panels which is how you can see that the blue is doing its boring work – the baby blue neutralises the skin of it all. Not that this dress is in any way scandalous but you know how these uptight assholes feel about “see-through”. (Cele|bitchy) 

Oh yeah, there really is a surprise with this outfit on Cara Delevingne. I didn’t see it coming. I was too fixated on whether or not that was the right boot choice. Because I do actually like the … dress/blazer/bathing suit? a lot. But the boots, I can’t quite get behind them. (Go Fug Yourself) 

F-ck. F-CK! I couldn’t help myself. I am drawn to gross sh-t. So of course, of course I had to read to the end. And now… like one of the commenters… I regret learning how to read. But also, if I didn’t know how to read, I’m one of those jackasses that if there were pictures? I would have clicked on the pictures. Because I totally want to see what it looks like, holy SH-T. (Pajiba) 

I’ve never watched Netflix’s Marie Kondo show. It’s just not my jam. But I know that it’s been a big deal for people. Maybe it’s even a self-care watch for people. But is the method really hers? Linda Koopersmith claims that she invented it which is interesting to me – that “being tidy” and “decluttering” can be inventions now. (TMZ) 

First of all, I would love to plan a pool party. I’ve never had a pool. Is having a pool overrated? Like a lot of work to maintain? Who am I kidding? I’m too selfish to really worry about that. My husband, Jacek, would be the one worrying about that while I napped on the pool float. Anyway, apparently the pool party I would plan means that I’m like “Belle” in Beauty and the Beast. Which Disney princess are you according to your pool preferences? (Buzzfeed)