Cardi B and Offset are already married. And they were married a while ago. So Ariana and Pete Davidson may not actually hold the record for fastest dating to engagement to marriage record. However, it appears that Pete did come up with a ring before Offset did. That said, Cardi and Offset are having a baby. Which kinda puts them over the top, right? As for a proper wedding… well…that hasn’t happened for either couple. So what’s your wedding prediction? Cardi and Offset first or Ariana and Pete? (Dlisted) 

I LOOOOOOVE this Evangeline Lilly interview about her superhero costume. Basically, Evangeline is not here to bitch about her outfit. She loves it. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass but she loves it. Unlike all the other superheroes, who are dudes, naturally, who can’t f-cking stop whinging about theirs. And she’s right – it’s about acclimation. It’s about what’s habitual. And I can sort of relate. I have given up wearing clothing with a waist. And now, every time I wear something with a waist, I feel like I can’t breathe. (Jezebel) 
Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olsen, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Tom Holland were all at ACE Comic Con this weekend. And I just noticed something maybe you’ve already noticed but it’s top of mind today because I posted those photos of Richard Madden aka Robb Stark earlier – he and Sebastian Stan look a LOT alike, right? Is it just me? (Just Jared) 
It’s been a week since Thomas Markle went on TV in the UK and talked about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, blindsiding and embarrassing his daughter, once again. And now he’s on about how he didn’t hear from her for Father’s Day. Isn’t she allowed to be mad? Isn’t she allowed to be a just a little bit reticent about reaching out to her dad when he either calls up TMZ or Piers Morgan to put her on blast? (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s true. Shailene Woodley’s bangs are … hard to look at. I can’t look at the rest of her outfit because I can’t stop looking at these bangs. The colour of her hair is part of it, I think. And all of it is made that much more pronounced because of the red top too, right? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Since I don’t know the Incredibles, I don’t know much about Screenslaver. But I do know Fight Club and I definitely know Tyler Durden so I aced this Tyler Durden vs Screenslaver Quiz. (Vulture)