There was no Show Your Work this week because we were snowed out on Monday. This is not an exaggeration. It was snowing so hard it would have been dangerous for Duana and me to get together. We’ll be back next week with a brand new episode. And here’s the brand new episode for What’s Your Drama as Sasha and I were able to record on Tuesday once the snow stopped and streets were safer. Just in time for the two of us to talk about penises and petty ass friends. 

Justin Bieber has launched his clothing line. It definitely lines up with his aesthetic of the moment. Emily, our site manager, thinks that this is prison style. I don’t see prison but I do see postal. Like mail carriers. Which means mail carriers are now setting fashion trends. Omg. Postal style…POSTYLE. Get it? Fine. I’m going, I’m going. (Dlisted) 

These are, supposedly, the nicknames that Prince William and Kate have given to each other. Do you believe it? No f-cking way. Here’s why: because they’re actually hilarious names and kind of mean but not too mean and in the best way, between two people who don’t take themselves too seriously. So. Do you really think the Cambridges have that kind of personality? That kind of sense of humour? Those nicknames belong to a couple that’s the life of the party. Are they the life of the party? (Cele|bitchy) 

Everyone is hating this dress. It’s not the dress that’s the problem though – it’s how it’s being worn. It should not be worn with tights. It should not be worn with those shoes. It should not be worn with that tacky ass little bag. Or the hair. But picture it on, say, Zendaya. Or Rihanna. Or JLo. With a topknot. A true topknot and not a sock bun. And combat boots. And some attitude? The dress would be way cuter. The dress is being done a disservice. (Go Fug Yourself) 
This is a great headline. I was immediately curious about it: “Seth Meyers will make you have a baby”. Apparently Seth induces labour. Labours are always happening around him, or inspired by him. So if you’re waiting to give birth, and your baby is overdue, now you know what to watch tonight?  (Pajiba) 

Well. The inevitable is now official. Cardi B and Offset are back together, which we all saw coming, we just didn’t know when. It’s happened. There are rules. There’s a major rule in place now. Why does it have to be a rule though? Like isn’t this a given? Who needs to be told, explicitly, that he shouldn’t be messing with groupies? And if it has to be rule that that’s specific, don’t you think he’ll find a loophole? She’s not a groupie! She’s a member of the crew. Or a friend of a friend. Or a sister of a friend. Or a model. There are a lot of ways to classify someone as not a groupie. (TMZ) 

This is my favourite Lady Gaga story of the year. I love every single word choice she uses here. And I love how she stood up for and stood by someone she related to, how she refused to let anyone put any doubt in her mind about what she believed based on her experiences. (Teen Vogue)