This is Cardi B’s first Met Gala. Aren’t you sad now that we haven’t had years of Cardi x the Met? Cardi came out swinging. LOOK AT HER. There’s no coasting on a basic body-con dress because a) she’s pregnant or b) it’s her first Met Gala like so many others would have. Cardi B brought the drama and I am so grateful. It feels like I should be kneeling and praying to these photos. And I totally would but I don’t want to be blasphemous to Blue Ivy.  

Cardi B committed to the theme. LOOK AT HER. I am obsessed. 

One of my tabloid pet peeves is when they put “pregnant” before an artist’s name for the full nine months before the baby comes out. “Pregnant Cardi B.” Oh, I didn’t realize that Belcalis Almanzar added another name to her moniker while she was with child. Weird. Can we all agree to NEVER do this? I promise I’m getting to my point. Cardi B’s pregnancy adds to the drama of this look and drives home the whole Virgin Mary/ Madonna (the religious figure) theme and it also inspired many people on Twitter to compare her look to Beyoncé’s iconic performance at the 2017 Grammys. 

Every other woman working that carpet was wearing a headpiece and a bedazzled dress but sure, these two looks are similar enough that it’s possible Jeremy Scott (Moschino) and Cardi B decided to pay homage to our Queen. OR everyone is making a leap because they’re blinded by the baby bumps. What I like about Cardi’s ensemble, aside from EVERYTHING, is that she’s not using her stomach as a prop. There’s no belly cupping or extra focus on the bump. In every red carpet shot, Cardi is posing alongside Jeremy (in a matching pearl and jewel encrusted outfit) and her hands are nowhere near her bump. I think Cardi would have worn this dress even if she wasn’t currently the artist known as Pregnant Cardi B. 

Aside from looking fierce and fabulous and deeply, wonderfully on theme, this outfit looks HEAVY. Maybe that’s why Cardi looks a little unsure of herself in the posed solo shots on the red carpet. She looks much more comfortable here: 

I also don’t love when we talk about a pregnant woman’s glow but Cardi B is GLOWING. I can’t stop staring at these photos and at this dress. Moschino described the gown as being "encrusted with pearls, crystals, and gems" and "inspired by tapestries and embroideries from ecclesiastic vestments." Okuurrrr. 

Some more insight on Cardi’s Met Gala inspiration from Refinery29:

It's also possible that Cardi's outfit has an even deeper meaning, relating her to La Virgen de Alatagracia, or the "patron image and protector of the people of the Dominican Republic." 
If this is true, I’m even more obsessed. 

The other big Cardi B news of the Met Gala is that she and Nicki Minaj met up at the Met Gala and chatted. See? They’re fine. Can we move on from all that feud sh-t now? Nicki also announced that her new album Queen is coming June 15th.