Cardi B went off on Twitter and between her tweets and the clapbacks and other people chiming in, it’s chaos, as usual when this sh-t pops off but also, some of the takedowns are so sharp, you’re cringing and laughing at the same time, I’m sorry I’m a horrible person. (Dlisted) 


“Hold Me Closer”, the Elton John collaboration with Britney Spears, dropped today. “Tiny Dancer” is a classic. This update is SO smart. The LA Times referred to it as Elton’s “pop savvy”. And it’s a perfect late summer groove – a bop, no doubt, but bittersweet and wistful. In the car, on a hot August day, still warm but you can tell it’s about to get cool…and you’re happy and sad at the same time. (PopSugar) 

Ahead of the VMAs on Sunday, the Fug Girls are throwing it back to last year’s red carpet. I still LOVE Normani’s white outfit. And I think I loved Camila Cabello’s, too, but I can’t remember because So.Much.Has.Happened. While we’re here, though, and revisiting… hoping Olivia Rodrigo improves on her look from last year because it was kinda underwhelming. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Whenever I post about Meghan Markle and the disgusting way she’s been treated by the British press, inevitably there will be people all like… “Yeah but she said she didn’t know much about the royal family during their engagement interview!” How THE F-CK is that the same?! Here’s another example of harassment by the British media – an article seemingly criticising her and Harry adopting another rescue beagle and something something about how Meghan should be happy she didn’t experience Apartheid…. WHAT?! And if your reaction when you read this is not outrage but to immediately go to “yeah…but”, guess what? You’re doing a racism. (Cele|bitchy) 

Vogue got a semi-exclusive of JLo’s wedding dresses. And now GQ has an exclusive of Ben Affleck’s wedding look… ahead of On The JLo! They scooped On The JLo?! (GQ)