Sarah just posted about Slow TV and I need the f-ck out of it right now because there’s a winter storm happening in Toronto today with snow and freezing rain and ice pellets and I just drove home in that sh-t. That might not mean anything to you if you don’t have experience living in this kind of climate but if you do, you understand the stress of the situation. Put it this way – tomorrow morning I’m already budgeting getting up half an hour earlier so that I can sit in the car, crank the heat, to melt the inch of ice that might be on my windshield. I know many of you are also going through the same so BE SAFE OUT THERE! 

OMG this mess. Cardi B has quit Instagram. Maybe by the time you read this she’ll have unquit but the last time I checked, she cancelled her account because people were being assholes to her about winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album. Before quitting though, Cardi made sure to let us know how hard she worked on Invasion of Privacy and how stressed she was to be worried about her career and pregnant and trying to line up all her goals. (Dlisted) 

I totally forgot that Katy Perry had a shoe line. Have you ever tried on a pair? Can you let me know your thoughts? As for this particular pair… they’re offensive, obviously, but they’re aggressively ugly – in every colour. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t hate this outfit on Charlize Theron. I really like that it looks like a dancer’s outfit. I especially like the top, with all those straps, tank top layered on tank top. You know what bothers me though? The flare of the skirt. Why couldn’t they let it just fall straight? Did they think that detail would make it not dancery? Because if you’re going to be dancery, don’t apologise for being dancery! (Go Fug Yourself) 

The last I heard, Aziz Ansari, a year-ish later, was taking the “I’m so over outrage culture” approach to addressing the situation. His language, at least now, in this show, seems to have changed. There’s more of an acknowledgement that he listened to others’ perspectives. Is it enough though? (Pajiba) 

I can’t wait for Sean Penn to share with us his thoughts on this. (TMZ) 

I love stories like this: ranking fast food French fries. But here’s the thing that only Canadians will appreciate – fast food tastes different here. Like McDonald’s tastes better here than in America. I said what I said. Especially the fries. So if were me doing the ranking, I’d put McDonald’s at #1. You know what we don’t have here though? In-n-Out. So there, Americans. You can continue to claim this over us. (LA Times) 

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