Offset’s birthday was on December 14, he turned 30 years old. It’s a milestone birthday so Cardi B hosted a big birthday party for him last night. Quavo was there, The Game was there, French Montana was there, Kanye West stopped by briefly to drop off a gift…  


But the biggest gift, by far, was what his wife gave him:  

They are famous for lavish presents. And now it’s just straight up cash. So much cash that she had to make a cardboard cheque. I would love to know what her financial advisor is thinking right now.  


Cardi and Offset started dating in January/February 2017, so they’re just a few weeks away from five years together. And now they’ve made it through another year – and by their standards, a relatively stable one, especially after the drama of 2020 when Cardi filed for divorce and then cancelled the divorce. In June they announced they were expecting their second child; their son was born in September, his name has still not been released. I wonder if they’re saving it for something.  

Right now, then, it *seems* like everything’s all good. I don’t mean to be a pessimist and no one is out here hoping for anything but a happy and healthy relationship but, well, you know. Speaking of pessimism though… I’m looking at pictures and videos of this party and all these people and all I can think about is I really hope everyone has their boosters, even though boosters aren’t a free pass, but they do substantially increase protection against the onset of serious COVID symptoms and reduce risk of hospitalisation. A holiday wish for everyone: stay safe!