Pretty sure we all remember what happened in 2020 when Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion opened up their wet ass pussies on the culture. “Wet ass pussy make that pullout game weak” – and that’s what happened. The pearl clutchers ran for cover and hid their children. Politicians declared an emergency and named the villains: these two Black female rappers, the evil of society, celebrating themselves and their sexuality. So, basically, for the rest of us, they were heroes. I mean, seriously. The whole “WAP” era was hilarious. The song is hilarious – raunchy and irreverent and wild and funny! And, of course, “WAP” was a smash hit. 


Now Cardi and Meg are back with a follow-up. A rather natural one, LOL. The sequel to their wet ass pussies is “Bongos”. With this opening lyric: 

“Eat this ass like a plum”

This is exactly the kind of Friday energy we need. If we could all, by Sunday, have our asses eaten out like a plum, the world would be a better place. That said, while I’m not sure that “Bongos” will have quite the same cultural impact as “WAP”, it’s still a vibe, it’s still Cardi and Megan coming in hard with the ego and the attitude and the drip. 


And the video is gorgeous. 


Here’s Cardi stepping out in New York last night making sure we all get fresh photos to go along with the “Bongos”. I really like her in this dress, with the high collar, the big cutout on only one side and both shoulders open with chains holding together the middle. “Bitch, I look like money” is what she says at one point in the song. That’s the whole look.