Dear Gossips, 

Billboard named its list of Women of the Year in music yesterday. Dolly Parton, Jennifer Lopez, Jessie Reyez, Dua Lipa, and Chloe x Halle are among the honorees. THE Woman of the Year, however, according to Billboard, is Cardi B. And there are some who don’t think Cardi’s deserving, because she only released one song.



But that one song was THE song. “WAP”, obviously. 

There are people who wave away the criticism and go about their day. Cardi B is not those people. Cardi B will always have something to say about, well, everything – politics, COVID-19 response, her husband, whether or not her pants are too tight – and she will always have something to say about and to her haters. 

“I'm the one that had your grandma popping her pussy on TikTok."


Don’t we all wish we could say that and for it to be true? I’m serious. If I could have done something or if I could do something that would make your grandma pop her pussy on TikTok, I would consider it my greatest achievement. 

There’s a lot to unpack here and her video is only a minute long, which is why Duana sent this to me last night with the caption “F-ck everything else. THIS.” So we’ll get to all the layers on Show Your Work but for now, let’s consider… 

If this is her initial acceptance speech, what is Cardi going to say on December 10 when she accepts the Woman of the Year award at Billboard’s 15th annual Women in Music event? Will she prepare her remarks in advance? Or will she free-ball it and give us the sequel to your grandma popping her pussy? 

Yours in gossip,