I know some people were mad at Cardi B because it was like she was flaunting how much she makes but I like the money talk, and especially the detailed money talk. What, are they supposed to walk around pretending like they don’t make money and that their fees are modest? Cardi’s like, my monthly bills are $250-$300K and some of that is clothing and now I’m wondering if she’s not getting some of her clothes on loan because a LOT of other celebrities do.  (Dlisted) 

Emily Blunt will NOT be performing the song from Mary Poppins Returns at the Oscars. I’m surprised. I thought she’d say yes to butter up the Academy for her next potential nomination. If she’s not doing it, who’s the “special guest” who’ll be performing it? Lin-Manuel Miranda would be the obvious choice, I guess? Not Emily’s problem. She’s not campaigning anymore but she is out there supporting a friend – another Emily. Also a good look. (Go Fug Yourself) 

It’s not just the Oscar Academy dealing with some public relations problems, it’s also the Recording Academy ahead of the Grammys this weekend. They just pulled some f-cksh-t with Ariana Grande who’s delivered two of the biggest hits of the last six months and they decided to dictate to her what she could and couldn’t perform and who she should perform with because, evidently, they didn’t want her on stage alone, even as they were leveraging her image to promote the show. So she told them to f-ck off. LOVE THIS. (Cele|bitchy) 

You heard about this Tyra Banks project? Modelland? It’s a theme park where you can go and try on clothes and walk a runway and, basically, spend the day pretending you’re a model. Which could be a genius idea. Especially now with everyone’s obsession with Instagram. You know that’s why people are going to go. There’s a place here in Toronto that’s similar, not a model thing, but all it is is different rooms with certain displays and people queue for their turn to get their pictures taken. Tyra’s thing is that… but MEGA. (OMG Blog) 

Speaking of Instagram, that’s what Michael Kors is after with his new pop-up. That’s how so many brands are building in promotion now. You go there, you take a cool shot, you post it, and it’s advertising for them. (The Cut) 

And keeping with the Instagram theme, everyone’s an Instagram model now. And this is the latest Oscar winner who’s an Instagram fashion blogger. She has a signature aesthetic. It’s iconic – and this is not an exaggeration. That would be Diane Keaton. (Harpers Bazaar)