Have you heard? The “Prairie Dress” is having a moment. Not to sound like a smug dick but I’ve been having this moment as a lifestyle for the last five years. That said, I’m not mad about this. It just means more options for me. This is how I like to dress - in high collar, long printed, loose and roomy clothes. Same goes for Carey Mulligan. She is the perfect model for the Prairie Dress. She’s modelled a variety of them over the years. She wore one to Prince Harry and Royal Meghan’s wedding. This one at the Tony Awards is Giambattista Valli. It’s the best one so far this season. 

I love the colour combination. I love the fit - there’s a waist OK! A concession! I looooooove the sleeves, the slight flare in the skirt, and the collar. Let this not just be a trend. Prairie dresses for always.