The minute I saw Carey Mulligan on the red carpet, I claimed her as my best dressed. Black and white was a trend for the night, and there were some good examples, but Carey just looked so exquisite in this black velvet gown with white tulle hem. 


It’s a recreation of a 1951 Balenciaga dress, which fits both her moment as a nominee for the mid-century period piece Maestro, but also just looks outstanding on her. She looks comfortable, confident, and excited to be in that dress. The gloves and the minimal jewelry are a nice touch—the dress is good enough it doesn’t need much adornment.


You can read more about the dress here, but I legit just cannot get enough of watching her WALK in this dress. The movement is so beautiful.


Sometimes, that kind of sharply flared hem can be stiff, but this just flows so perfectly, just a little bit kicky to be fun, but still holding the elegant shape of the gown. Carey looks amazing, I never thought she’d top that gold Valentino gown from 2021, but this dress is maybe an all-timer Oscar gown for me. It’s just such a classic shape, such classic styling, and once again, the way it MOVES. I wish she had been a presenter or something, just so we could see this dress sweep across the Oscar stage!