Carey Mulligan wore an architectural design to AFI Fest the other night. The dress up top is very much her aesthetic. The skirt part, while it’s definitely unusual, is muted by the colour of the fabric and the spare styling everywhere else – light makeup, unfussy hair, few accessories. Very much in her style lane. (Go Fug Yourself) 


This post about Tom Cruise’s alleged secret friendship with the Queen is cracking me up. I wanted to post about it myself but what’s the point? Ben at Dlisted has covered it all here. He had me at “queef” and then just about tried to kill me when he talked about Tom wanting to make the Queen his next wife. And by the time I got to the triple axel, it was all over. Reminds me of the time Colin Farrell was secret best friends with Elizabeth Taylor …or was it secret lovers? (Dlisted)

Last week Hasan Minhaj acted a fool on Celebrity Jeopardy! and people weren’t having it. Now he’s apologising but not apologising. Which is …well… classic Hasan Minhaj. Because as I said last week, if you’ve seen his comedy special, The King’s Jester, going viral is kind of his specialty. (Pajiba) 


Elon Musk is living in the headlines right now because of Twitter and his f-ckery, and people are understandably freaking out about what will happen if he continues to mess with it. Don’t know about you but everyone in my feed is talking about Mastodon and there are some people who are quitting Twitter and going over there. I spent some time on it this weekend and still don’t really know how to use it, it seems like it’s more work, but maybe that’s not a bad thing? Maybe we should have to work harder to communicate thoughtfully? (Cele|bitchy) 

I started the House of Spears today and got through three paragraphs before deciding I need to wait until bedtime, when I do my most focused reading because this piece is just too good and deserves more than just a skim. Duana pointed out that someone in the comments called it “Faulknerian” and she herself described it as biblical. (Vulture)