I thought this was a jumpsuit at first. Which was not as exciting to me. But then I looked closer and it’s not actually a jumpsuit –so I love it that much more. Good outfit, right? 

I really like this neckline. Mostly because it looks so comfortable while stylish and flattering. I like the way the top has been bloused exactly right. Blousing is an art. Sometimes it works better when more fabric is pulled out. One extra inch of extra or not enough blousing can make such a difference. Sometimes it looks better when the front is fully tucked while the blousing comes out on the sides, the way Carey is wearing it here, and sometimes it works best when you blouse the front but leave the back loose and untucked. 

In this case, you want the front to be mostly tucked because of the high waist and the belt on these pants. These pants, as mentioned, are my favourite of the season. Pleated, wide leg, and culotte length. Goes with any shoe – from a sneaker to an oxford to a heel. Her heels are gorgeous dark, dark blue velvet. I want this whole look as a uniform.