Today in Celebrities Should Stay Off Social Media In Isolation, Arielle Charnas is apologising. I know, I know, she’s not a “celebrity” by the old school definition, but she has a lot more followers than a lot of celebrities and she’s been doing the lifestyle thing that so many celebrities aspire to. Besides, in 2020, are we still denying that the path to celebrity is now longer just acting and singing? Anyway, a lot of people care about Arielle. And a lot of people are mad at her. And that’s a pretty common experience for celebrities. See any Kardashian. (Dlisted) 

Remember Caroline Calloway? Maybe you don’t because 2019 was the Year of the Scam and there were so many scams that it was hard to keep track but anyway, Caroline was one of those scammers and her moment came and went online but now she’s back and something something to do with going topless and getting into a Twitter scrap with Jameela Jamil and OMG, it’s a drama addiction. (Pajiba) 

Today’s red carpet throwback from the Fug Girls is the Bring It On premiere! They’re right – this dress on Kirsten Dunst still works. Almost everything works on Kiki, including Princess Diana’s hairstyle. Isn’t this Princess Diana’s hairstyle? Not a lot of people, and certainly not at Kiki’s age (then) could and would rock the Diana. She did, and it was really good. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jonathan Van Ness does not want you to give yourself a whole new hairstyle during isolation. I’m not giving myself a new hairstyle, but I am getting Jacek to cut my hair this weekend – 3 inches, maybe even a little more. Because for the next few weeks, or more (probably more but it could be less if we all practice physical distancing and stay at home as much as possible!) my hair won’t be styled. Which means my hair will grow even faster. Yes, I’m still that vain bitch who envisions a return to work with my hair all the way down to my ass. (Cele|bitchy) 

It is April 3 and Beyoncé remains quiet. Tomorrow is the Carters’ 12th wedding anniversary. It’s not like they’re going to have a party though. I wonder how they’re celebrating. I wonder how she’s doing. I wonder what she’s been doing. The only person I think about more than BTS is Beyoncé. Here’s a Beyoncé quiz that gives you a Beyoncé song to listen to based on your answers. It’s puzzling to me that the song I got is “Jealous”. Or maybe not. Quarantine hasn’t cured the fact that I’m petty as f-ck. (Buzzfeed)