At the SAG Awards, Sarah wrote that Alison Brie was leaning into the GLOW 80s style vibe on the red carpet. She appears to be continuing that here as she promotes The Lego Movie 2. This is a dress whose ancestor for sure showed up in the prom scene in Pretty in Pink. FOR SURE. 

Except, of course, it’s been improved by 2019. The fabric, for example, is a major improvement. Back in the 1980s, this would be shiny, without a print. Back in the 80s, it wouldn’t be a wrap dress. Back in the 80s, the shoulder detail would be there but the sleeves wouldn’t have been so interesting. 

The shoes though…

I would have left these back in the 80s. I wish so much that it was a different shoe choice. Because there’s a way to homage the era without bringing back every single one of its elements. And even if you did bring back an element of it, like footwear, why not a pair of ankle boots from the 80s. Remember Madonna’s boots from Desperately Seeking Susan