Holy sh-t, this suit is amazing. Is it a suit? Yes. It’s … a f-cking track suit. Right? It’s a track suit and a business suit at the same time. Because… zipper! 

I mean, I wouldn’t mind it as a business suit either. It could definitely work as a more formal suit, with this fabric in this amazing colour – electric blue and there’s a light pattern to it too. SO good. What I also like is that it doesn’t seem too stiff. There’s stiffness to it, sure. But it also bends well around the legs when she’s in motion. 

And you know, this could have easily gone Liza Minnelli which… there’s nothing f-cking wrong with Liza Minnelli, but there is a theatricality to how Liza dresses whereas on Cate, this suit, while it has flair, can certainly be taken to from the stage straight onto the streets. Especially on Cate Blanchett because my God she understands how to wear the sh-t out of her clothes. 

You know what else is interesting? During this press tour for Oceans 8, she’s almost exclusively worn suits. And that’s what we’ve seen of her character from the trailers – pants, pants, pants, all the time pants.