Casey Affleck was trending the other day when the cardboard cutout of Ana de Armas was photographed being thrown out by… someone…outside Ben Affleck’s house. I think it was pretty obvious at the time that it wasn’t Casey? But, you know, Twitter sometimes takes off with something and it gets wild. Casey is now denying that he had anything to do with it. (Dlisted) 


And then there are other times when Twitter comes through, especially when white supremacists are up to their f-cksh-t. In particular, it’s K-pop fans who do the good work – and today they were very active on Twitter shutting down the mess of racists. Yesterday it was ARMY doing Louis Vuitton a favour. Today they’re standing up for democracy. Stans contain multitudes. (Pajiba) 

We opened today with the Outfit of the Week, worn by the greatness that is Michelle Obama. Her outfit was designed by Sergio Hudson who also dressed MVP Harris for the primetime special, and it’s been the best week of his career. Here’s a gallery of some of his other designs – and as you can see, he is really, really skilled with coats. The clothes are beautiful… and I wonder whether or not there will be a lot more Sergio Hudson for this upcoming award season. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Conscious Uncoupling: political style – MVP Kamala Harris is very good friends with her husband’s first wife, Kerstin. So good that they work together and Kerstin was at the inauguration on Wednesday. (Cele|bitchy) 

I love fast food. Or, I should say, I love the fast food where I get fast food, because I’m picky about my fast food…which … is that incongruous? Anyway, here’s a quiz that promises to guess your favourite fast food restaurant and, indeed, it got it right about me. I am a McDonald’s person. Is that basic? Or classic? (Buzzfeed)