Are you excited for Pitch Perfect 3? Did you forget about Pitch Perfect 3? I did. Since Pitch Perfect 2 basically ruined the franchise for me by being an overall mess of a movie that wasn’t fun or funny, I’ve been all “aca-no thanks” about the third installment. After the disappointing trailers, I was convinced the magic of the first movie—which I f-cking loved—was completely gone. 

Well, a new music video featuring the cast of Pitch Perfect 3 and contestants of the current season of The Voice premiered last night during the show and it solidified my concerns. The whole time I was watching this cover of George Michael’s classic Freedom! ’90 mashed with Cups, I was trying to figure out why I hated it so much. It is very off brand for me to hate this. It’s an updated version of a classic ‘90s jam. I’m all about singing competition reality shows so I love me a good cover. I grew up in the ‘90s so the original Freedom makes me feel warm inside on every listen. This does not make me feel warm inside. It’s all very sweet and earnest so it makes me feel soulless and dead inside. They’re all trying very hard. I appreciate the effort but good lord, when Anna Camp adlibs “yeah yeah” at the 52-second mark, I gagged. No. NOPE. No. We did not need this. No one asked for this. Please watch this music video below and if it doesn’t make you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit, feel free to meet me on the other side and call me an asshole.  

Tell me I’m not the only one cringing. Rebel Wilson’s quip at the end made me chuckle slightly so there’s that. Full disclosure: I have not kept up with this season of The Voice. I thought maybe that was the reason I hated it so much but on second watch (save me), I actually think The Voice contestants are my favourite part. They sound great. Their coaches should be proud. I don’t think it’s their fault this music video comes off as a budget Old Navy ad. I think my biggest problems are with Kendrick, Camp and the rest of the Pitch Perfect 3 crew. Maybe they’re over it? Maybe they know their movie sucks and they’re as relieved as the rest of us that the franchise is finally ending? Pitch Perfect 3 comes out on December 22nd and in my humble opinion, this music video wasn’t a smart promotional move.

Listen, I know there are a lot of shitty movie franchises out there. I don’t want to sh-t on the one that’s female-led and promotes positive female friendships. I don’t want Pitch Perfect 3 to suck. And I’ll probably still be there opening weekend hanging on to a small sliver of hope that the magic will be back – that is, if I can erase the memory of this cover from my brain. Maybe they just need to stay away from George Michael?

Let’s all cleanse our palates with the OG Freedom! ’90. 

Attached - Rebel Wilson at Craig's in LA last night, Anna Kendrick on the set of Noelle in Vancouver earlier this week, and Hailee Steinfeld seen at Catch LA after the AMAs.