Dear Gossips, 

I first posted about NewJeans right at the beginning of the year. It was six months after their debut – and it’s still only been exactly a year since they came on the scene – and they’d already exploded in popularity with “Hype Boy”. That momentum continued with “OMG”, which would immediately go viral on TikTok (Rina Sawayama kept doing the choreo during her shows and on social media) and this is why a month later, back in February, I wrote that “NewJeans is only getting better and bigger”.


Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein are about to drop their new EP, Get Up, tomorrow. So there’s been a lot of NewJeans content over the last few weeks. Yesterday was a big one though and they were trending all over the place because of two new videos for their song “Cool With You”. The videos, Side A and Side B, are meant to be watched back to back, and they work like two short films, or two parts of a short film. This is the story of Eros, the god of love and desire, and Psyche, his one true love, and the target of Aphrodite’s jealousy. 

In the NewJeans videos though, there’s been a role reversal. Eros is played by Hoyeon, Psyche is Micol Vela, and Aphrodite is none other than THE LEGEND, Tony Leung!!!

This cast? A HUGE get for NewJeans and their label. According to The Korea Herald, Tony was not paid for his appearance in the video, and explained that “I wanted this to be a small gift for my fans in Korea”. 


I mean in Korea but also around the world. 

It was apparently Tony’s idea to colour his hair all white for the role. He is famously selective about his roles. For him to show up seemingly randomly like this in a K-pop music video? It’s huge. 


And the videos are GORGEOUS. I can’t get enough of Hoyeon’s face. If you haven’t already, here are both below. 



Yours in gossip,