Every time I’ve checked my phone the last week or so there’s been a goddamn update on these two like it’s World War Brange all over again. Seriously. Every pop culture website has a headline about whether or not he cheated on her and whether or not they’ve broken up and now, after all that, they have not in fact broken up but my question is… he’s like a 6th tier Kardashian, right? Is that an accurate assessment? I will concede now that Kim is legitimately a newsmaker. But…  THIS GUY! REALLY?! (Dlisted) 

I really love the way this Versace dress looks on Lupita Nyong’o. Some celebrities elevate the clothes. She always, always elevates her clothing. On Lupita, the construction of this piece is revealed. Look at the shape we’re getting here – like a vase, like something solid made out of something soft and pliable. This is such a beautiful marriage of art and its wearer. (Cele|bitchy) 

There was a party the other night at the Chateau Marmont. And Robert Pattinson was there. And so was Kristen Stewart. And they went out for a smoke with some people and at some point they talked. And now everyone is talking about whether or not the fact that they were talking means that there’s actually something to talk about. Like maybe we’ll get to meet their babies soon. Did you know that they have two babies? (Pop Sugar) 

Stop. STOP. Pay attention to ME! Do I have your attention? OK. Please. I need you to watch this. I promise you, if you haven’t seen this, you’ll be so happy at the beginning and during and after. This is Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson on The Today Show not at all promoting Ocean’s 8 but promoting the F-CK out of it because… I can’t explain it. I don’t have to explain it. This is the joy of female friendships. It makes me want to call all of my friends and charter a bus to take us all to the theatre. (Pajiba) 

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are very good friends. They hung out in high school. Which means they grew up together. And they now work together. And now Kendall is making out with Bella’s younger brother. I don’t have a brother or a sister. But I know people have feelings about their friends’ feelings about their brothers and sisters. What would your feelings be if this was your brother or your sister? I feel like, probably, these people don’t feel the same way you do? Because it’s already not an “ordinary” existence. Like… for them… insiders are better than outsiders, right? (TMZ) 

My favourite read of the day…and it will probably end up being my favourite read this week – Jes Tom writes about the “groundbreaking queerness of Disney’s Mulan”, another wonderful piece that illuminates the importance of perspective and inclusion. (Shondaland)