Cate Blanchett was trending on my timeline this weekend for a minute and at first I was like, oh sh-t, what now but it turns out it was because she was on a red carpet for the first time in a while and, well, you know Cate always serves. The silver dress is great but the look I prefer is the suit, with the checked pants, and sneakers. Penelope Cruz was at the same event and, well, I’m not as hype about her look is the kindest way to put it. (Go Fug Yourself) 


There’s a debate happening over shoe etiquette in someone else’s home. In my culture, you don’t wear shoes inside the house. We wear slippers inside the house. It is the same for many in East Asia. Now that I am a homeowner I prefer if people take their shoes off but I’m not militant about it either because I also understand sometimes the outfit just works better with the shoes and if I’m hosting one of those parties where the guests put something into the outfit, of course that makes sense. Wait, what? Hosting parties? LOL. That seems like it was from a different time. I will be hosting no parties for the foreseeable future and nobody comes over anymore either so why are we even talking about indoor shoes or not? F-ck this pandemic. (Dlisted) 

I LOVE Jandy Nelson’s book The Sky is Everywhere so I’m disappointed in myself that I was not tracking the release of the film adaptation which is why I did not watch it this weekend but it’s definitely at the top of the list now. (Pajiba) 


There’s been a lot of talk lately about Prince Charles’s coronation when he eventually becomes king which… I mean… we don’t know if his 95-year-old mother has COVID right now so, um, isn’t this in poor taste? How come nobody is shouting about this? (Cele|bitchy)

I clicked this article to see if my favourite lasagna recipe is on the list and it’s not. Which I think is a shame. Because my favourite recipe doesn’t even have meat, which is saying something for a meat-lover like me. But Julia Turshen’s “a nice lasagna” is really, really special. I may be biased though because I adore her. (Eater)