We’ve seen a lot of looks from Cate Blanchett at Cannes so far, being that she is the jury president. This one is my favourite of all her festival looks and the only reason I’m not holding it until Friday for the Outfit of the Week is because I wonder if she has another style bomb coming. This, though, will be hard to beat. 

You know why it’s so amazing? The black turtleneck. Because it’s not like we’ve never seen a rainbow tiered skirt before. We just don’t often see people resisting the urge to make it full-body. I wouldn’t care for this it if was full-body. Picture it. A full-body situation here is so much less special. It’s the black top that makes the skirt extra special. The black serves up the rainbow, it allows the rainbow to make a bigger impact. And, at the same time, it grounds the rainbow, so that it’s not as annoyingly twee as it would be if it had been extended above the waist. Kate Hudson would have worn it above the waist. Cate Blanchett knows where it should stop and start.