Wait…WHAT? Imagine the precedent this would set if this woman’s lawsuit is successful. Julianna Berg is a Billy Idol superfan. Yes. I am actually talking about Billy Idol. She wanted to spend the night with him in Vegas and she says he wanted to spend the night with her in Vegas, until he didn’t. And now she’s suing him. Like I said – precedent. Imagine how many lawsuits are going to start happening if this one goes through? Could you even extend it to Tinder and Bumble? (Dlisted) 

“So don’t you get fresh with me!” Remember? REMEMBER "Buffalo Stance"?! F-ck I loved that song so much. I still love it so much. I just listened to it back-to-back three times. And watched the video. I wanted to be Neneh Cherry so bad back in the day. She was my beauty everything. She was my everything everything. Neneh Cherry has a new album out. And here’s a new interview. (Jezebel)

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez went out for dinner. What are these pants, JLo?! Tell me where to find them, I need them. Also that sweater. I’d slap a Slytherin crest on there though. (Just Jared)
Cate Blanchett loves a high drama dress. And this is definitely a high drama dress. Reminds me of a fan. A fan made of tinsel. Last week, while honouring Sarah Paulson, Sandra Bullock talked about Sarah’s weird taste in clothes and how she makes it all look good. Between Sarah and Cate on Ocean’s 8, I wonder if that had any influence on Sandra. If maybe she’ll start stepping out of her style comfort zone. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Fug Girls are calling this a “needless blouse”. I see their point… but I also think that the outfit is totally forgettable without the blouse. The reason I’m looking at it is because of the blouse. Otherwise it’s an ordinary black slinky dress with embellished straps which is not Yara Shahidi’s thing. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Kathleen wrote about ASMR a few days ago. And I know this is what the youth are all about. And here’s Cardi B’s next-level ASMR interview/video, I don’t know the right terminology but…I don’t get it. This doesn’t work on me. Is it just me? I really, really hate listening to the sounds of someone’s mouth. Like when you swallow in between sentences, you know that sound? The microphone is picking all of that up. It’s not relaxing to me. It’s … disgusting to me. No disrespect to Cardi because that microphone could pick up anyone’s mouth sounds. And I’m not here to listen to any of it. Not even Beyoncé’s. (Vulture)