Catherine of House Cambridge is the new royal patron of the Rugby Football Union, taking over from Prince Harry. She was at Twickenham Stadium today joining a training session with the national team, and at one point, during one of the practice drills, she was lifted off her feet by the athletes to complete a play. You can see the move around the 1:30 mark in the video below. 


These are some great pictures, untypically royal pictures. It’s not that Kate’s never done an action shot, because we’ve seen her play tennis and kick a ball around. But royals are also very particular about physical contact, so it’s fun to see her get into it and let (a little) loose. She’s having a good time, laughing and joking around with the athletes, at one point waving her arms in the air, almost in a half-dance. Kate’s always been pretty sporty so she’s always seemed most comfortable at royal engagements that involve some athleticism. 


We’re now just four days from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The official date is this Sunday, February 6 which will mark her 70th anniversary as monarch. For the Queen, this is usually a quiet time as it also marks the death of her father which is why most of the celebrations aren’t happening until later in the year. There have been reports recently that to celebrate the Jubilee, tours are being planned, though still unannounced. Prince William and Kate are rumoured to be heading to the Caribbean at some point in the spring and the planning is supposedly underway right now. Right now the palaces aren’t confirming the speculation but they’ll want to get as much good news out there as they can, especially now, as we get closer to the Jubilee, so that they can redirect the royal conversation away from the accused rapist in the family. More action shots from Kate then? And I wonder, if this tour is really happening, what that wardrobe is going to look like.