We’re not supposed to be recording any new episodes of Show Your Work until 2018. But. But. This is tempting. Because Catt Sadler’s situation is exactly what we get jacked about on the podcast. It’s apples to apples. Same level of responsibility, same skillset, same same same same same. EXCEPT where cash money is concerned. And their official statement? What does the network’s official statement mean? It means that, straight up, she’s worth less than her male colleague. Straight up. (Dlisted) 

Love when Keira Knightley wears this leather jacket. Pretty sure she’s had it for a long time because I’ve seen it on her several times before. But note the condition – it’s in GREAT condition. Like brand new condition. How does she do that? I mean, sure, if she was just pulling it out once or twice a year, but like I said, I’ve seen her wear it a lot, in candid photos. This jacket gets used. Also super cute Chanel low-waist pouch. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Brittany Snow isn’t the only person who says she feels better after giving up dairy and gluten. And it’s not just celebrities. I know a lot of people who say the same. No lie, I’m happy for them. But I would not be happy if I had to give up those things. I would just be wistful. Then bitter. (Cele|bitchy) 

Quiz time! This quiz is about embarrassment. What I think I’ve learned here is that apparently people are more embarrassed about sex than about poo. And they have major hang-ups about sex. The sweatpants question really confused me though. Seriously? At least if you wear sweatpants, you’d be comfortable! Doesn’t that count for something?  (Buzzfeed) 

This dude is trying to figure out the future of fashion. I’m trying to figure out if he’s hot. I can’t tell though because of that huge beard on his face. Sorry. But this, for me, is too much. That beard could be reduced by 50% and the effect would still be the same. Which is why I think that the reason why the beard is SO much is because it’s compensating for something else. What could it be? (The Cut) 

OMG remember the movie The Golden Child? I haven’t seen it in a while. But I loved it in its time. So much. And I wanted to be that kid. I wanted to be the Chosen One, protected by Eddie Murphy. That kid knew magic right? I need to see it again. Although I’m scared now. Because it probably is a really terrible movie. (The Root)